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Watch this page for the latest news about the KRHCC and Knife River community.  


For many years, the depot was where the latest news could be gained from arriving train passengers.  


It was the town’s communications center providing telegraph and later phone service, and displaying the correct Central Standard Time through Western Union. 

The first Post Office was also at the depot where local people could exchange news and gossip.


Photo:  Todd Linhahl

“Picnic Train” riders where surprised in 2020 when Clara Brandtner as someone from the early 1900s, showed up at the depot looking for Ludwig (see photo she holds).  She said he had promised to meet here with intentions to marry.  However, he never showed.  


But, with the depot as center for gossip, everyone in town soon knew about it. 


Photo: Paul von Goertz

Recent Newsletters

Keep current on KRHCC news and happenings and learn some interesting and often colorful history of Knife River through the KRHCC  monthly newsletter  - see links below to current and recent issues.


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First Flag Raising

View video of memorable “First Flag Raising” ceremony at Knife River depot  held on Veteran’s Day 2020, performed by the Two Harbors America Legion Post 109. View Video


Photo: Paul von Goertz

KRHCC and Bayfield Heritage Association Share Historical Info

A counterpart to the KRHCC on the south shore of Wisconsin is the Bayfield Heritage Association (BHA).  


In early 2021, the KRHCC agreed to share newsletters and other resources with the BHA because we felt so much of what we share with our respective readers would be of interest to those across the lake.   The two shores have much in common – particularly ethnicity, natural resources of commercial fishing and logging, and boat building.  

To access the activities and resources of the BHA, go to their website:   

Another site to visit is that of the Bayfield Maritime Museum at

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