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The KRHCC has made remarkable progress from its inception in July of  2018.  Thousands of dollars in donations and hundreds of volunteer hours have resulted in the nearly complete restoration of the Knife River train depot back to 1900, and the development of a long range plan to capture, preserve and present the town’s history. 

Presently, we do not offer traditional history center memberships, but rather rely on donations by those who value the town’s history and place within the North Shore, home to one of our nation’s favorite Scenic By-Ways.

We encourage you to make a donation to the KRHCC like you would other history or arts centers you value and support on a yearly basis.  So as you renew your membership in these organizations, please remember the KRHCC.  We are a 501(c3) non-profit so all donations are tax deductible.


Send your donations to

Knife River Heritage & Cultural Center
PO Box 240
Knife River, MN 55609



Take yourself back to 1900. Get into the act!  Dress like someone from the 1900s and greet those arriving by a North Shore Scenic Railroad train.  We’ll give you the depot talking points.  To learn more:

Photo: Todd Lindahl

Volunteers have donated hundred of hours to restore the Knife River depot.  Replacing the cracked and unsafe depot apron required many hands to pour and screed concrete.

Photo:  Todd Lindahl

KRHCC Mission Statement

The mission of the Knife River Heritage & Cultural Center is to engage the public in preserving, presenting and valuing the history of the Knife River area.  We inspire people to make a personal and emotional connection to the past through exhibits and programming.  By doing so, we address a fundamental human need to understand the past in order to relate to the present and plan for the future.

KRHCC Vision Statement

To preserve the history of the Knife River areas from its indigenous peoples through copper exploration, logging, railroading, boat building and commercial fishing

KRHCC Board Members 2020 -2021

Paul von Goertz – President
Mona Linden – Chief Financial Officer
Robert Entzion – Secretary
Todd Lindahl – Historian
Larry Ronning
Randy Ellestad
Duane Madison

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