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Welcome to the Knife River Heritage & Cultural Center.
This site will keep you current on KRHCC activities.

Welcome to Knife River Heritage & Cultural Center

Knife River has a rich history from the first Native Americans through copper mining, logging, railroading, commercial fishing, boat building to a recreation destination. 

The town’s history is being  preserved by the Knife River Heritage & Cultural Center (KRHCC).  The Center was established in July of 2018 as a non-profit and at the site of the Knife River train depot.  


The depot and KRHCC site is a “work-in-progress” and is not officially open. However, you can see the depot restoration in progress and get a snapshot of Knife River’s history from outdoor interpretive displays.

At this time the KRHCC is a “minimal service” historical site and offers no services or bathrooms. 

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